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Connecting restaurants & diners

Bookatable by Michelin is Europe's leading restaurant marketplace, powering over 15,000 restaurants with award-winning technology, and driving millions of covers to its restaurant customers each month. With restaurant customers in 39 countries, and bookings made by diners in over 34 countries, Bookatable by Michelin works with both restaurants and diners: bringing them together in a single, vibrant and dynamic marketplace.

Reach more diners & manage your bookings

At Bookatable by Michelin, we’ll expose your restaurant to new diners and help you to grow your business in our dynamic restaurant marketplace.

  • Our award-winning cloud technology helps restaurants manage their bookings and restaurant floor, and to successfully fill tables when needed, delivering more than 2.5 million diners each month to its restaurant customers from online reservations. Read more..
  • Put your own stamp on our technology and take online reservations via a customisable booking calendar on your own website, so your diners can book 24 hours a day.
  • In this smartphone age, 50% of online bookings are made on a phone or tablet: so we’ve made all of our services fully mobile optimised. Our Bookatable mobile app allows diners to book a table at your restaurant on the go.
  • We turn mobile and web-browsing diners in to brand-new bookers, with an average of 50% of diners being new to your restaurant.
  • Increase your reach on social networks by adding a booking calendar on your Facebook page, allowing your diners to book and share reservations with friends.

The Bookatable Electronic Reservation Book


Everything stored in your system is held in the cloud, which means it’s always completely secure. You’ll never be in danger of losing any customer data or booking information.

Optimised for any device

Your reservation book is accessible on any device with an internet connection, so you can manage your bookings and allocate tables easily.

Free, instant offer setup

We know how important great-value offers are to your diners, so we’ll help you build the most enticing promotions, and display offer menus. Build these offers for free, and watch them become bookable within 5 minutes of submission.

Add all bookings quickly & simply

We know the advantages of storing all of your bookings in one place, so we’ve made it simple to enter phone bookings & walk-ins, too. You can also get instant access to guest details and booking information.

Detailed guest profiling

Want to get to know your network of diners? Provide tailored, personalised customer service by consulting guest preferences and detailed booking notes, as well as viewing previous visits.

Bespoke table plans

Create customised table plans for your restaurant, which you can access and amend whenever you want.

Track meal stages

Offer the best customer service and turn tables efficiently by checking your guests in, and tracking them through their meal.

Send marketing communications to your database

Turn one-off diners into loyal regulars by sending marketing communications direct from your reservation book, such as invites to special events and menu launches.

Enhanced reporting functionality

We’ll help you gain the best possible insights into what works for your restaurant. Our detailed reporting tools help you analyse your performance, and establish your most effective marketing channels.

Our Customers

Bookatable by Michelin helps restaurants such as Pied a Terre and Hilton take online reservations through their own website,, and other key partners including,,,,, and

Here are a few of the restaurants and partners we work with.


Participating in Bookatable by Michelin campaigns is a great way to increase your exposure & fill your restaurant. We run various exciting campaigns throughout the year, and we make sure getting involved is as simple as possible!

Say goodbye to a dry summer!

This summer, we’re helping restaurants increase their covers with our free-flowing deals campaign. Hugely popular with diners, this sees restaurants offer menus with an ‘unlimited’ element of their choosing. The campaign will run from 1st June – 31st August – click here to see our online and offline marketing activities for the campaign.

What can you promote? Your free-flowing menu might include one, or a combination of the following: free-flowing champagne, prosecco, wine, cocktails or/and unlimited pizza, sushi, tapas or desserts.

Want to participate? Simply fill in our offer form, email or contact your account manager to feature your free-flowing deal.

Father’s Day Campaign

Ready for a full house? We’ll be promoting all types of Father’s Day themed menus & deals from now, right through to the big day on . Want to take part? Simply submit your Father’s Day menu as an offer, and our team will take care of the rest!

Want to participate? Simply fill in our offer form, email or contact your account manager to feature your Father’s Day deal.

*Remember, if you aren’t offering a la carte dining on 18th June, please request a non-offer filter.

Latest News

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  On 21st March our CEO, Michel, participated in the first ever CEO Cookoff alongside 59 other CEOs and 30 well-known chefs, including Angela Hartnett, Atul Kochhar & Jamie Oliver. These chefs helped the CEOs cook a banquet for over 300 ‘everyday heroes’, such as school volunteers, and NHS workers. This fundraising event was held by…

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Top Chefs from Bookatable Reveal Food Trends for 2017

We delved into the minds of prominent London chefs to reveal the top restaurant trends for 2017. From discussing what the next ‘courgetti’ will be to the how plankton is due to take a starring role on restaurant menus in the new year, this is the lowdown on everything you should expect in the restaurant scene…

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